When Sam, a former actress, comes face to face with the man responsible for the death of her career she struggles to find the power to confront him. Meanwhile Brian, an aging director desperate for redemption, finds himself sitting beside a woman he mistakes for a prostitute and who has an uncanny resemblance to the girl who started it all. As fate, subconscious desire, or plain old chance chases these two back through the maze of their shared past we come to understand that the truth is often the longest distance between two points.

The Long Distance Between is a darkly comic look at our desire for suffering in art and the effect it has on the people responsible for servicing that need. Created with the generous dramaturgical support of Joanna Garfinkle (PTC’s Block A) and Liesl Lafferty (The Wet Ink Collective).

Directed by Liesl Lafferty. Featuring David Benedict Brown and Tanya Champoux.

This is a Canadian Actors Equity Association production under the Festival Policy.