Film and TV Resume

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FTV (Selected Credits) 
So Help Me Todd (Pilot)PrincipalAmy York Rubin/ NBC
Bones of CrowsActorMarie Clements/ Ayasew Ooskana Pictures
Project Blue BookPrincipalPete Travis/ A+E Productions
*GlassLeadVince D’Amato/Brivido Films
**Bloodriders: The Devil Rides With usSupportingLari Teras/Laughter Slaughter
PostremoLeadJon Thomas Neal/ Sky Reach Productions
HelixActorEric Petey/Greendale Productions
Tenant TerrorPrincipalPatrick Henry/Capri Studios
The DirectorsPrincipalPhasefire Films/ Rob Hunt
A Mythology of RevengePrincipalPhasefire Films/ Rob Hunt
SmallvilleActorGlen Winters/WB Network
First TermLead  Matt Bonnin/VFS
Between the SheetsPrincipalWide Wonder Productions/Chelsea McCormack
* Best Feature Anti-Hero Genre Film Fest (LA)
**Best Comedy Buffalo Niagra Film FestBest Horror-Comedy The International Horror Hotel Golden Marquee Zed Fest